Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Rangi and Kiwis Adventure

Once upon a time there was a kiwi and a strong boy called Rangi and they live in a had  beautiful kowha trees with yellow flowers on it and tall kauri trees.

one morning Rangi and kiwi were playing in the forest when they heard a scary noise of a taniwha. the kiwi got so scared she ran off and got lost and could not find her way home. Rangi called "help help l can not find my kiwi"Rangi was sad because he couldn't find kiwi. 

Then Rangi asks the god of the forest Tanui to help him find kiwi.  Tanui calls "kiwi kiwi"and kiwi came running out Rangi was so happy to see kiwi. Rangi thanked Tanui and promised him they would all ways respect the forest. 

Finally Rangi and kiwi walked back to their village to told everyone about there adventure..