Thursday, 12 July 2018

Wheels Day

1 On Friday it was wheels day and mufti day to.The whole school can weer mufit and everyone was happy . The idea was that we raise funds for the Year 8 camp.and we could bring roller skate and scooter and clothes.
 I went with my friends to the park and we played tag. It was os must fun.then we went on the bike track.
 I hop it came next year .I love wheels day and mufti day and I won’t foreget it

My Catapult.

On monday Rood 21 had a fun day and learn about energy .first we start to make our catapult .

had popsicle stick sellotape and pompom.The pom pom were the pilots and we got a popsicle stick and stick them on with sellotape.then we had a ware some people were shoot .I Was hiding under the placket and Qweenie and anthonie were hiding from.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

When the volcano erupted

When the Volcano Erupted

Answer the questions below.
What does it mean by ‘the volcano stayed asleep’?
They had leaves to eat and water to drink the volcano stayed asleep and life was good
What happened to the dinosaurs when the volcano erupted?
They ran downhill until they came to a lake they went into the water and they kept on going
What are the red  hot rocks that come out of  the volcano called?
Magma it makes the volcano  star
What did the other dinosaurs do to survive?
Find a new island

Using the word families we talked about, write down 4 words that have the word family in it.

Use to draw the pictures below. Save the pictures and insert them in the table below.
Draw a picture of the dinosaurs at the volcano.

Friday, 1 June 2018

The Auckland zoo

On Thursday the block went to the Auckland zoo. First we all went in our groups .Then the whole block went in the bus they were to bus. next we arrived

At the zoo.Then we all had a little walk around the zoo. we saw the pink flamingo.They were kiwi and all sort of kind of

animals in The zoo.They were amazing and beautiful .After that we all had morning tea it was

So Yumm .they we went to the NZ native bush and birds and she showed the eel and they was a lots .after we had lunch. Finally we Went to the meerkat it was so fun and they were little baby and they were so cut.and went back to school.